The Boss Baby (2017) – usa

The Boss Baby – ⭐⭐⭐

An animated movie of a boy becomes suspicious of the baby who joins his family and finds that the “baby” has plans of his own.

Cute family movie. Had a few laughs with this one. 

3/5 stars


The Lego Batman Movie (2017) – usa

The Lego Batman Movie – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Batman aas refused to fight as his emotions get to him. Everything changes when the joker recruits a new team of bad guys to destroy Gotham City.

I loved the Lego Movie so I was looking forward to this one which did not let me down. It was humorous in so many ways and is a good watch for the whole family.

4/5 stars

Death Note (2006) – japan

Death Note – ✩✩✩

Light, a high school student, found a notebook call Death Note. This notebook allows the user to write people’s names in it and they will die of a heart attack just over 6 minutes after it is written. Light takes it upon himself to take out criminals and low life’s with the book until things get out of hand.

Some what liked the anime but loved the movie. Very well done. Hear they are doing an American version of this with Willem Dafoe as the voice of the death god which I hope will be as good if not better. Only time will tell though and remakes are always scary.

4/5 stars

Assassination Classroom (2015) – japan

Assassination Classroom – ✩✩✩

A creature who claims to have taken about 70% of the moon requests to be a teacher to a class of students that are listed as failures iin everything. If they are able to kill their teacher, the creature, by the end of term they will save the world. If not, it’s the end of everything.

A fun movie. This is the live action to the anime series and is done quite well. I enjoyed this humorous fantasy that is  Assassination Classroom.

4/5 stars

Seoul Station (2016) – korea

Seoul Station – ✩✩✩

A zombie outbreak starts at Seoul Station and we follow people as they try to survive the zombie hordes.

Was okay. Animation wasn’t the best but glad to see some zombie anime movies cropping up. Story line is easy to follow though quite slow paced. If you’re looking for a good zombie Korean film you’d be better off with Train to Busan which is amazing.

3/5 stars

Escaflowne (2000) – japan

Escaflowne – ✩✩✩✩✩

Hitomi is a high school student unhappy with her life so she wishes to leave this world. She is transported to a world called Gaea where she now holds the power to decide the outcome of this magical world.

Absolutely love this movie! Loved the anime series and this movie has a darker side to it which I adore. The music is fantastic and I had to buy the soundtrack for it as well. 

5/5 stars